About David

David Hathaway, born in 1957 in the United States, is a contemporary painter renowned for his work in gestural abstraction. His artistic creations serve as a reflection of his subconscious thoughts at the time of their inception, capturing the spontaneity and emotion of the moment. Hathaway's paintings are characterized by expressive, dynamic brushstrokes that convey a sense of immediacy and raw emotion. His artistic journey began at Pratt Institute, where he majored in photography. He later graduated with honors, earning a BFA in Computer Arts and Design from Mercy University in 2012. Hathaway holds a standing membership at the highly regarded Pleiades Gallery in NYC.

Acrylic paint serves as my primary medium on canvas, where I often augment its properties with thickening gels, modeling paste, or a blend of both. These additives allow me to manipulate texture, adding depth and dimension to my compositions.
Rather than conventional brushes, I prefer a diverse array of household tools that include meat claws, tile trowels, asphalt rakes, dog combs, whisk brooms, and even barbecue scrapers. This unconventional choice of implements enables me to explore unconventional mark-making techniques, creating unique textures and patterns across the canvas.
My creative process typically commences with the deliberate layering of colors using palette knives or trowels. As I build these layers, I employ my selected household tools to further manipulate the paint, seeking to achieve a harmonious interplay of textures and colors that unify the composition.
To enhance the complexity of my work, I often allow the paint to partially dry before selectively removing sections to reveal underlying layers. This methodical approach not only adds visual depth but also introduces an element of spontaneity and rawness to the piece. Additionally, scraping dried paint contributes a rugged, aggressive character that contrasts with smoother areas.
Techniques such as throwing or splattering paint are integral to my process, introducing random yet controlled elements that contribute to the overall dynamic of the composition. These methods help me achieve a balanced asymmetry in both texture and color, ensuring each artwork has a distinctive visual impact.
Central to my methodology is the deliberate pace at which I work. By pushing myself to act swiftly against my comfort zone, I strive to capture a sense of immediacy and freshness in each piece. This intentional approach allows my subconscious thoughts to influence the composition, infusing each artwork with a unique emotional resonance.
In summary, my artistic technique blends experimentation with meticulous craftsmanship, utilizing unconventional tools and materials to create visually compelling artworks that reflect both spontaneity and deliberate intent.